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It’s all in the title….Grow…Retain….Profit

Three little words, not the ones we all love to hear..I love you… but three little words that could lead to a long term andbetter relationship with your clients either in your business or job.

What are you talking about I hear you ask???? Well having been in business for over 20 year, with all its ups, downs, side ways, round ways, every which ways!, and I wanted to give back some content out that may just help.

I’m talking about the way we view our business and to a large degree our jobs. I look at the world not just in terms of grow, grow, grow…bring in new clients (in business or in a sales role) and just keep repeating, bringing in more and more new clients, or at least thinking that’s what it’s all about.  No, I try and encourage individuals as well as businesses to see the bigger better, longer lasting more profitable picture. The one that encourages us to view each new client as a lifelong client, one that we can better serve them (and ourselves) for the longterm, leading to a more profitable future, not only for us in our roles but for our clients as well.

Nothing new in this? Well you’re probably right, but as we know so many business and employees fail, fail to make the cut, fail to make the grade and ultimately fail in business or employment.  So maybe we are aware of this but maybe we don’t all do anything about it.

As this is my very first blog I just want to introduce the idea of looking at the bigger picture ,or at least reminding the more experienced members of our community about the concept. The concept of not just grow, grow, grow but to practice the next stage of retain, retain, retain so that we can then offer the client a much more profitable experience and partnership with our business or relationship.

My main image de-pics two people working with three cogs, trying to get them to work together. I look at them as Grow (attract new clients, either in business or an emp0lyed role), Retain (keep your client) and Profit (offering added value so both your client and you profit more from the relationship).

I just wanted to start my first blog with this, to pique you’re interest and get you to come back and find out more…hopefully it will benefit all???

Thanks for your time with me. Tim Farmer

  1. alison
    August 7, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    Hi I found that very interesting and it made sense when you put that example in. We can overlook the importance of getting others ‘on board’ Alison

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