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My Final P in business is…..Patience



Patience, this sounds easy but in practice it can be very, very hard, especially when your business isn’t growing as fast as you’d hoped.


For example, how do you stick with the business plan that you spent days, weeks or months preparing? The plan that when you started was broken down to what seemed a few simple steps, ie implement the marketing plan, get customer in, retain them, profit with them, keep repeating and hey presto a viable business inside a relatively short space of time.


In principle you know your plan will work. But on the frontline day to day trying to implementing your plan gets hard. Especially growing a young business, trying to bring in new clients, one of the hardest, most expensive and time consuming processes a business carries out.


This is where you must have patience! Patience to stick with what you know is right. If you’ve planed thoroughly, got buy in from stakeholders (ie, you’ve checked your plan out with qualified others for feed back and they’re convinced of its merits), implementing correctly then all you may need, in general, is time and patience to make it work.


I found this out in my first “proper” business. I planed out where I was going, did the business plan and got the outline of the marketing plan, which in those youthful heady days just consisted of cold calling and word of mouth referrals, the internet was still in the womb at that time and I had no money for anything else.


My plan and business was sound, so onto bringing clients. Simple idea cold call relevant businesses that maybe interested in my services and then leverage of any clients on word of mouth and shazam!, lots of clients and an ever expanding healthy business.


However I had to learn patience.


I made well over a hundred cold calls a week, in person and on the phone. It was frustrating, demoralizing, sometimes humiliating, basically not always a great experience. But I slowly learned that occasionally I would find a customer and leverage of that one and so on and so on.


Finally momentum and break through followed. It all started to fall into place with patient implementation of a solid plan. But that plan would have been nothing without Patience.


So, look at your plan, if your convinced its sound and you know that the patience implementation of it leads to where you want to be then, Stick with it. Be Patient and believe in your own abilities.


Thanks for reading, Tim


  1. alison
    February 17, 2011 at 8:09 am

    Thanks Tim, it’s reassuring to know others have been through the same frustrations to learn Patience. I believe patience goes hand in hand with Persistence, but the majority of people don’t want to wait or hang in there – be patient, go that extra mile to push and breakthrough. Maybe that’s why it’s the few who get to the top, when really so many more could with Patience and Persistence!.

    • February 17, 2011 at 10:23 am

      That’s right Alison, as with all these new P’s of business they all work together. Thanks, Tim

  2. February 24, 2011 at 7:05 pm

    Tim, you’ve summed it up well. There are a number factors to success, in addition to those mentioned one I’ve come to know about rather well is coaching & mentorship. It can be very hard to find the inner drive to be patient & to push through to success without positive re-enforcement from a good coach.

    Daryl A. Hemming

    • February 24, 2011 at 7:10 pm

      Excellent observation, having a good coach or mentor is the key for many people, those that don’t have one are handicapping themselves and slowing themselves down on their journey to success. Thanks for your comment Daryl, appreciate it, Tim.

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