Hi and welcome to my profile.

Entrepreneur, author, blogger, speaker.

My Business and Marketing life started back in the late eighties  when I started my own business.  You could say I had a baptism of fire, I had no experience, no real qualifications and was on my own in the deep end!

Sink or Swim? I chose swim, and fast. I learn’t on the run, and quickly. I made some pretty big mistakes back then, but I learn’t from everyone of them, and despite all this I managed to grow my business from zero to a multi million dollar one.

During this time I decided I needed some education, I went to Uni and got post graduate degrees, read like mad and soaked up information like a sponge from some great mentors.

I learn’t a lot through those years and continue to do so today, still open to learning, soaking it all up, pushing myself and surrounding myself with positive, experienced, educated and fun people.

I’ve come along way, learn’t so much and now have the opportunity to give something back.

I’m living a great life, in a position that I’m able to mentor, consult and coach others through my Marketing company, Market Dominance (sign in and get your free mini marketing guide).  I’ll be doing this through ebooks (click on the link to buy), books, workshops, seminars, dvds and courses, as well as speaking at various events.

I will be teaching others how to rapidly grow their businesses, retain their clients and how to increase profits.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to hearing form you soon and I wish you great  success.

Thanks for your time, Tim

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